Teacher's Companion

MISSION STATEMENT (“Where’s Daryl?” Product Family)

To help teachers to teach the Where’s Daryl kit and colloborate with teachers to share strategies on how to successfully implement the kit.



A teacher with 6-9 years of experience

“Because it is so open ended, its a lot easier to mold it to how we want to approach it with our students.”

  • Give back to her students
  • Materials in the Daryl kit will help her get more professional experience
  • Having easy access to quality materials
  • Get credits to be a better teacher
  • Help students understand storytelling
  • Encourage student participation
  • Have a flexible curriculum
  • Teach open-ended topics
  • Teach LAUSD approved materials
  • Engage students in critical thinking
  • Communicate with coworkers
Pain Points
  • Lack of time, supplies and money
  • Technology constraints (No phones!)
  • Replicating quality of materials
  • Difficulty in storing files
Reasons as Primary Persona
  • Has just enough experience to be able to help other teachers
  • Technology constraints (No phones!)
  • Needs guidance on specific things
  • Higher chance of using technology


From interview feedback, teachers addressed strong desire for a mobile app that they can use easily to document student’s work during and after class.

UX VISION (Teacher's Companion App)

To help teachers to easily document student’s work during and after class


Maria Moon, Designer

Maria worked on the design and development of Where’s Daryl.

  • Quality of The Where’s Daryl kit was a concern for students
  • The kit needed to be flexible with the teacher’s curriculum

Dan Rice, Educator

Dan is the director of training at Answer Rutgers, a site providing online training to teachers on general sex education.

  • Teachers come to Answer to furthur advance their career
  • Answer is managed and maintained by only 1 part-time worker
  • The Answer program is currently only available on tablets and PC
  • It was important to also have a student facing site for sex education

Timothy Kordic, Project Manager

Tim served as the project lead for LAUSD in partnering with Designmatters on the “Where’s Daryl” campaign, geared toward anti-gun violence.

  • “The digital space is the most untapped in education”
  • The modular aspect of Where’s Daryl was a selling point
  • Getting kids to talk was one of the major challenges for teachers
  • Giving teachers officially approved content puts them at ease


Based on students of Vista Middle School

  • Snapchat gave students a sense of privacy with disappearing messages
  • Being a Youtuber was their number 1 desired occupation
  • Facebook was not their primary social networ


Based on 3 teachers of Vista Middle School

“Where’s Daryl” Program - What Works
  • Open ended. Because some students know more than other student’s some need help.
  • “Daryl cut-out” is very important because Students connect to picture of Daryl.
  • Storytelling helps student engage in critical thinking.
  • Texture/quality of the paper and post-it's is important, means something, means the students are not hand-me-downs.
Technology In the Classroom
  • LAUSD policy is that student’s can’t use phone during the day.(Teachers would like to change that)
  • Lot's that could be done with app's in the classroom with student's (but don't).
  • Some sites get blocked by LAUSD firewalls.
  • Most current laptops have no CD/DVD drive.


New Teacher

The new teacher initially had unrealistic expectations which led to disappointment.

  • Annoyed that none of his colleagues are assisting him
  • There was a need for a mentor and more group discussions
  • Instructions were helpful when they less formal

Mid-level Teacher

In touch with technology and has just enough experience to teach

  • Often communicates with other teachers
  • Is very proactive when it comes to seeking help
  • Wants to constanly improve her curriculum

Experienced Teacher

Teachers are experienced enough to teach without any reference materials

  • Teaches with minimum effort and maximum efficiency
  • Makes sure students are communicating
  • Refers to younger teachers for technical help


By using lean canvas methodology, we were able to collaborate with each other to focus on what we were trying to solve. Everyone in the research team wrote down individual insights on Post-it Notes. Then we categorized thoughts into different sections allowing the team to understand what we all had in mind.


For Teacher

  • Teacher's Online Portal
  • Teacher's Comapnion App

For Student

  • #wheresdaryl Instagram Hashtag
  • Daryl Snapchat Filter
  • Chatbots


The initial idea was an app developed exclusively for the Where’s Daryl curriculum. Feedback indicated that rather than only focusing on Where’s Daryl, teachers would prefer a crosscurriculum app. The product became a minimal viable product with key features for forum, camera and file management.




Photo Album Management

    Photos are hosted on a third party service. (Ex. Shutterfly)

Share with certain group

    It can help protect privacy and work with school regulations by share with closed groups.

Document Scanner

    The document scanner autocrops to the edges on documents.

Face Pixelizer Filter

    Due to privacy concerns, teachers are not able to share images with faces of students. This feature obscures students faces so teachers can more easily share images.